Parsons School of Design: History of Design FINAL

Inspired by Art Nouveau, I re-designed a piece by Alphonse Mucha - an artwork that embodied feminism, through the male gaze.


Mucha’s advertisement for JOB cigarette company featured an example of “The New Woman”. The placement of her hand, the sexual expression of her face, the fact that she looks nude- even smoking a cigarette - are all key elements that symbolized feminism at the time, as women haven’t been portrayed that way yet. With whiplash curves being a significant stylistic feature in Art Nouveau, her is literally “breaking the boarders” of the page, and symbolically breaking the stereotypes and suppressing of women. 

  The focus of my project was to embody elements of “The New Woman” from Art Nouveau, and create a piece that showcased them through a female gaze - to fit into the 21st century. 

hod ad.jpg